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B A C K    T O    B A S I C S    -    2 0 1 3

Back to Basics is a series of works reflecting on a lifelong interest in number theory and mathematical

graphics programming.  The works were produced at the latter end of 2013 though the computer

code written was based on code constructed back in 1985 when the Commodore Amiga

was launched facilitating art and music possibilities previously only available to large

corporations. The output produced is based around the concepts of number theory

and trigonometric functions inhabiting a world where science and art collide.




O N E    D I M E N S I O N A L S    -    2 0 1 3

One Dimensionals is a series of meditative works.  The works were produced over a five year

period and were inspired by a series of long coastal walks around the UK.    The process was

carried out by filming through a one dimensional slit in order to see what the 3 dimensional

world might look like from the perspective of a one dimensional being.  Maths functions

were then applied to these images in order to produce printable 2 dimensional

representations.  Please click on any image to view the complete

series of works.




S O M E T H I N G    F R O M    N O T H I N G    -    2 0 1 1

Something From Nothing is a series of exploratory works.  The works were produced over a one

 year period and were initiated by way of a happy accident.  A scan was made without anything

in the scanner.  The resultant image showed that there was a lot of detail hidden in the

scanned image.  It got me thinking about where art and everything actually comes

from.  The process was repeated and other ways of extracting something from

nothing were attempted.  This included photographing dark skies, lens

cap on photos and scanning empty objects and surfaces.

Please click on any image to view the complete

series of works.




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