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Email : marcus@kittridge.co.uk

Telephone : 07794 545537

( Please leave a message if I cannot answer your call )

Write : 33 Kingshill Road, SWINDON, SN1 4LJ


All work shown here is for sale.

Each and every piece is unique.

All works are signed.

The master digital image will be digitally shredded after the sale has been completed.


PRICES (including delivery to UK mainland)


ONE DIMENSIONALS  -  477.23 each

BACK TO BASICS  -  360.36 each


Pricing transparency  -  All prices are set on the basis of the actual costs incurred when producing the work.

For example, ONE DIMESIONALS : materials = 8,832 ; labour = 5,518.80 ; expenses = 2,699.73 ; delivery costs = 812.16 ; admin = 1,226.40 ; Tax 3,817.82 giving a project total of 22,906.91

There are 48 pieces in the series so the unit selling price is 477.23 each.




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